Public Presentation of the Research Project

Dies Doctoralis

According to the Statutes, the topic of the doctoral thesis has to be approved by the Director of the Doctoral Study Programme within the first year. The approval is based on the research proposal and its public presentation. The public presentation serves a twofold purpose. Firstly, new doctoral candidates and their research topics are introduced to the faculty. Secondly, the presentation is supposed to offer all attendants a platform for exchange and feedback.

The public presentation is chaired by the Director of the Doctoral Study Programme and attended by members of the doctoral advisory board of your faculty. They will provide feedback to the research projects and evaluate whether the projects meets the scientific standards and if they can be realized successfully in a reasonable timeframe.


For the upcomming dates of the public presentations please see the german version of this page

As student you are obliged to be present during the whole workshop. The supervisors and advisory board members should make themselves available for a slot (= 2 presentations in a row) so that they can discuss internally after each 2 presentations.

Information for those who got an admission letter:

After successful admission to the study, you must complete the requirements (prescribed in the admission letter) during the course of study, but BEFORE the public presentation, in addition to the courses prescribed in the curriculum.


Further information on public presentations can be found at Center for Doctoral Studies.

Registration for the public presentation

In order to register for the public presentation, the following documents need to be electronically submitted to the StudyServiceCenter (SSC) - to


  • Doctoral candidates register the topic of their doctoral thesis and their supervisors using the official form "Registration of the doctoral thesis topic and announcement the supervisor(s) (SL / D11)" (Please, name your file as follows: surname_firstname_student registration number_topic.pdf.)
  • Exposé
    Please note the guidlines for exposés (german / englisch) (Please, name your file as follows: surname_firstname_student registration number_expose.pdf.) Please don’t add any personal information such as address, e-mail address or telephone number to teh exposé.
  • The form "Regulations relating to good scientific practice (SL/W1)"
  • Statement on the PhD-proposal by the supervisior (in case of two supervisors, both need to write a statement).
  • An informal statement of one of the members of the Doctoral Advisory Board to partake in the presentation. The members of the advisory board can be found at Doctoral Advisory Board SPL 42. (It is advised to name an alternate member as well).

Please note

All documents must be submitted electronically (as .pdf) to within the deadline for the presentation appointments. 

Applications may be made at all times, however there is a limited amount of presentations possible at each Dies Doctoralis. We advise you to hand in your application in advance to the deadline.