Contact and Responsibilities for BA- and MA-Studies

Cases in which we CAN help!


SubjectAdditional information
Completion of studies

IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind, that it can take up to 4 weeks to finish your graduation.

We don't answer requests concerning the actual processing state.

We process completions in chronological order and work as fast and as efficient as possible to finish open tasks!

UHStat-submissionSubmission resp. conformation over your paricipation on the Statistik Austria poll concerning studies abroad.

Remedy waiver


The waiver accelerates the commencement of your official notification (Verleihungsbescheid).

If you want to perempt, it ist totally sufficiant to send us an informal e-mail, in which you write, that you do so.

Application of your master thesis subject

IMPORTANT! Please send us:

Detailed informations MA
Detailed informations MEd

Submission of your thesis
In case you plan to lock your work, please send us the "Sperrantrag" together with your upload confirmation.
Application for final examination

Application for Masterprüfung

Application for Defensio

Comprehensive Certificate
Duplicats for lost or stolen documents

IMPORTANT! Please send us:

  • Application (Antrag)
  • Lost or stolen report (Verlust- oder Diebstahlsanzeige)
  • Copy of an ID


  • Italic cumlative grade
  • Academic success
Questions concerning supplementary examination
plus removal out of the "Studienblatt", after successful passed exams.

In case this concerns a removal based on your A-levels or acceptance of exams passend in foreign countries, please get in contact with

Assistance for ending courses of studies

E-Mail Contact

Please make sure that you you always insert your u:net e-mail-address! Due to the GDPR and the local ruels of data protection, we are not allowed to proceed any requests wihout proof of identiy.

Please also check the format of the e-mail-address, which is:

In case you don't have a u:net e-mail-address, please make sure you send us a copy of an ID Card in an acceptable quality.

We thank you for your understanding!

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Cases in which we CANNOT help!


SubjectAdditional informationResponsibility
Acceptancefor already passed examsStudienServiceStelle
Submission of your "Prüfungspass"
Where I find my "Studienkennzahl"
You are able to find your "Studienkennzahl" e.g. on you personalized dashboard on u:space, on your "Studienblatt" or your comprehensive certificate u:space
Registration of already aquired academic degrees
Concerns primarily degrees which were achieved on third-party universitiesData change
RedistributeConcerns already passed examinations, which you would like to redistributeStudienServiceStelle
Informations for first-year student
also see "further informations" down below



Technical supportPasswordmanagement, u:account, e-mail issues, u:space, eduroam udgl.

get in contact with ZID via


Informations about Master programmes
You may find detailed information in our MasterAccessGuide, as well as through the several information quarters e.g. StudienServiceStelle or StudienzulassungMA programmes
Extension curricula (EC)Please check by which faculty your EC is provided and get in contact with the StudienServiceStelle in charge if you have any detailed questions about.General Informations about ECs
Examination before a committee
Administrations of studies and confirmations about student status, continuation of studies etc.
Selfservice over u:spaceu:space
Co-registration at the University of Vienna (Mitbelegung)If you intend to attend courses of the University of Vienna although youre regular student of a third-party university, please get in contact with the Studienzulassung (admission).Admission
Name change
e.g. because of merriageAdmission
AdmissionAlso for questions round about first steps (also visit "further informations")Admission
Vorzeitige Studienschließung

Further informations


Everything round about access and admission

Detailed information about admission procedure

Everything round about tuition fees and financial aspects

General questions about admission / servicedesk

Online-Self-Assessment for BA studiesself-assessment