The doctoral thesis is the central element in all doctoral programmes. The doctoral thesis proves the ability of the doctoral candidate to conduct independent scientific work on a high academic level. It shows their capability to comprehend and reflect the latest state of art in their field of research and extend this field through methodologically founded contributions.

The thesis is presented to two reviewers. Together with his/her supervisor the doctoral candidate can suggest three experts as reviewers.


Assignment of a thesis to reviewers

Please note that only in special cases the supervisor can be appointed as reviewer. If this occurs, then the second reviewer has to be external.

Reviewers do not need to be from the University of Vienna. On the contrary, it is recommended to propose external reviewers. There is a possibility of getting travel costs of external reviewers refunded. Detailed information can be found on the information sheet of the Studienpräses.

It is strongly recommended to submit the form for the assignment of a thesis to reviewers at least four weeks before submitting the dissertation (electronically:

Together with the form and the abstract you have to send also the CV (1-2 pages) and a list of publications of the external assessors who are not employed at the University of Vienna.


Criteria for reviewing a doctoral thesis

Submission of the thesis

Before you submit the thesis the following must be done:

  • Doctoral thesis agreement
  • Annual progress reports
  • Assignment of a thesis to reviewers
  • Prüfungspass (List of courses and the Transcript of records, for details see)


For the submission of the thesis you need to consider:

The formal requirements for preparation and the exact procedure for submission can be found in the guidelines (only a german version; Note: Point III. Paragraph 3 does not have to be hold due to the current situation).

You do NOT have to submit the hard-bound thesis during ten days after the upload.

Only bilingual title pages are accepted. Please note the formal requirements "title page".

  1. Upload your thesis in Hopla.
  2. After the plagiarism check send the signed proof of upload to the SSC (
  3. Afterwards deposit the hard-bound dissertation (3 copies), without appointment but as soon as possible, at the "Portier" which you can find in the Campus, Door 4.5 (MO - FR, 8:00-18:00). Alternatively, you may always choose to send the hardback copies via post at our adress Spitalgasse 2, Campus Hof 1, Tür 1.9, 1090 Wien.
  4. Wait for the feedback from the SSC via email about the assessment (max. four months). We will inform you when we get BOTH assessments.


Guidelines for Cumulative dissertations at the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies and the Center for Translation Studies.

Blockage of the doctoral thesis

The usage of the doctoral thesis in the University Library may be blocked up to five years with a particular justification. The application for blockage has to be handed in along with your thesis.

If you wish to block access to your thesis only online, please mark the required field while uploading the thesis to Hopla. In this case you don´t need the form for application for blocage.