Defense registration

  • Candidates wishing to register for a defensio should get in touch with the DSPL in order to make individual arrangements concerning the date. Please make sure you contact the member of the DSPL team that is in charge of your area of study.
  • Candidates are responsible for co-ordinating with all examiners the date and time agreed upon with the DSPL.
  • Due to quality assurance, candidates should propose the supervisor and both reviewers as members of the examination committee. In justified exceptional cases candidates may deviate from it.
  • Candidates are responsible for co-ordinating the place for the defense (in case of an online defense, the SSC will prepare a BigBlueButton-Room for you).

Please enter also the email-adress of the external examiner/s in the registration form.

After consultation with your examiners, send the fully completed form Registration for the Doctoral Thesis Defense at least three weeks a prior to the defense date to the SSC (


In case that your defense takes place in person:

The University of Vienna supports and encourages the participation of external reviewers at the defense. There is a budget with a max of 700,00€ for travel expenses for external reviewers. For further information contact the Office Studienpräses:


You can find a guideline for the public defence here.