Registration of Master´s Thesis

Write an exposé of your planned master´s thesis and discuss it with your supervisor. To formally register your master´s thesis, complete the form Request for Topic and Supervision and Rules of Good Acadmeic Practice. Send both documents together with your exposé via Contact form to StudiesServiceCenter Philological and Cultural Studies. Make sure that the ‘Request’ form (Ansuchen um Thema und Betreuung) has your signature as well as your supervisor’s (scanned). The SSC is in charge of providing the SPL's signature.

If you write a cumulative Master´s thesis, you have to announce this fact while you register the topic and you have to respect the formalities to be found at the website of Studienpräses.

Submission of Master´s Thesis

From 05.03.2024, the digital version of the academic thesis has to be submitted via u:space.

The formal requirements can be found in the Guideline (only in German).

The title page of your thesis will be generated automatically in u:space, so please upload your thesis without the title page.

  1. Upload the complete and final version of your thesis as one single PDF-file in u:space. If any textual similarities are detected between your work and other texts, the study program management will examine whether it constitutes plagiarism. Afterwards you receive feedback (to your u:account) confirming a successful plagiarism check (can take up to few days). 
  2. Wait for the plagiarism check and then send the signed upload confirmation (which you´ve received after uploading) via Contact form to SSC.
  3. Afterwards deposit the hard-bound thesis (2 copies), without appointment but as soon as possible, at the "Portier" which you can find in the Campus, Door 4.5 (MO - FR, 8:00-18:00). Alternatively, you may always choose to send the hardback copies via post at our adress Spitalgasse 2, Campus Hof 1, Tür 1.9, 1090 Wien. The printed version must exactly match the electronically submitted version.
  4. Wait for the mail regarding your grade (it can take up to 2 months).

Blockage of the Master´s Thesis

The usage of the master´s thesis in the University Library may be blocked up to five years with a particular justification. The application for blockage has to be handed in along with your thesis.

If you wish to block access to your thesis only online, please mark the required field while uploading the thesis to Hopla. In this case you don´t need the form for application for blocage.